• (we open up and see Carlos in his soccer clothes and with his soccer ball, entering through the gate door, and arriving at the school playground)
  • Carlos: (sees the other kids exiting out the school classroom) Hi everyone!
  • All (except Carlos): Hi Carlos.
  • Chip: I thought you and your team had a soccer game today.
  • Carlos: Oh we do, Chip. I was just getting ready to play with my play-doh, because it was one of my favorite activities.
  • Emily: Carlos, I wish we can build a imaginary place which has things we can go.
  • (all agree)
  • Kids: Barney?
  • (Barney comes to life)
  • Kids: Barney! Hi!
  • Barney: Hi there everybody! Would you like to build a place with imagination to go anywhere?
  • Kim: We sure would.
  • Barney: It also means we are having fun there.
  • (music starts for "Having Fun Song")
  • Barney: Today is a special day, because we're all together. We'll have a Super-Dee-Duper time, because we're gonna have fun. Clap your hands.
  • (they all clap hands)
  • Barney: Run in place.
  • (they all run)
  • Barney: Dance a silly dance.
  • (they all dance)
  • Barney: Make a funny face.
  • (they make funny faces)
  • Barney: Whatever we do, me and you, the one thing that we know..
  • Barney & Kids: Is that we're gonna have fun, fun, fun. Fun with everyone. We're gonna play all day. We're gonna have fun together. Fun, fun, fun. Fun with everyone. We're gonna play all day. Together we're gonna have fun. Together we're gonna have fun.
  • (music ends)
  • Barney: See? It doesn't matter what we do today. What matters is that we're all together.

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