Barney's Fun Adventure is a Custom Barney Home Video for Season 4 released in June 3, 1997.


Barney takes B.J.,Baby Bop and the kids on an adventure to four of their favorite places. First they explore the deep jungle. Next they meet Mister Snowman in the north pole. Then they go over in the meadow where they play tag with a weasel. Finally they go camping in the forest where they eat s'mores and tell stories.


  • Barney
  • B.J.
  • Baby Bop
  • Aaron
  • Hannah
  • Curtis
  • Kim


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Clean Up! Do Our Share!
  3. The Adventure Song
  4. Just Imagine
  5. The Airplane Song
  6. Jungle Adventure
  7. Colors All Around
  8. The Elephant Song
  9. The Wheels on the Bus
  10. It's C-C-C-Cold BRRRR!
  11. Mister Snowman
  12. Winter's Wonderful
  13. Over in the Meadow
  14. Pop Goes The Weasel
  15. Lake Medley:"The Fishing Song,"Row Row Row Your Boat"
  16. A Camping We Will Go
  17. S'Mores
  18. Scary Stories
  19. It's Good to Be Home
  20. I Love You

End Credit Music

  1. S'Mores
  2. Pop Goes The Weasel
  3. A Camping We Will Go

Barney's Fun Adventure Previews



  1. Dark Blue FBI Warning
  2. Dark Blue Interpol Warning
  3. Lyrick Studios Logo (1997 Still Version)
  4. Please Stay Tuned Following This Presentation For Previews of Other Barney Home Videos Screen (1995 Version)
  5. Barney Home Video Classic Collection Logo (1995-Present)
  6. Barney Home Video Intro (Season 3 Version)
  7. Barney's Fun Adventure Title Card


  1. End Credits
  2. Barney's Greatest Hits Preview
  3. Joe Scruggs VHS Preview
  4. Barney's Musical Scrapbook Preview


  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and 1994-1997 costume.
  • B.J has his Season 3 voice and 1996-1997 costume.
  • Baby Bop has her Season 3 voice and 1996-1997 costume.
  • The Barney costume used in this episode was also seen in "Barney Live! In New York City!".
  • The musical arrangements and background music used in this episode were also heard in "Are We There Yet?".
  • The arrangements for the end credit music used in this episode were also heard in "Barney's Musical Scrapbook".
  • When BJ and Baby Bop arrive at the school and greet Barney and the kids, BJ's "Hi everybody!" is from "Barney Safety", and Baby Bop's "Hi everybody!" is taken from the Barney segment from "Kids For Character".

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