VHS Contents

  1. Dark Blue FBI Warning
  2. Dark Blue Interpol Warnings
  3. Lyrick Studios Logo (1997-1998)
  4. Barney's Great Adventure Trailer
  5. Nick Jr on Videocassette Song
  6. Paramount Means Family Entertainment Trailer
  7. It Was My Best Birthday Ever Charlie Brown Trailer
  8. What's The Big Idea Promo
  9. Please Stay Tuned Following This Presentation For Previews Of Other Barney Home Videos Bumper
  10. Barney Home Video Logo
  11. Barney Intro
  12. Barney's Good Day Good Night
  13. Credits
  14. Actimates Barney Promo
  15. Barney's Adventure Bus Trailer
  16. Choices Count Trailer
  17. Camp Wannarunaround Trailer
  18. Lyrick Studios Logo (1997-1998)

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