Barney's Run Jump Skip & Sing (scrpit)

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  • Kim: There's loving like here
  • Carlos: are you sure for anything, Robert
  • Robert: Sure, Carlos
  • Jason: I Know a Pandog
  • Kids: A Pandog
  • Jason: That's Right we all so and want to play, Scott
  • Carlos: A Want it for your Now, Robert
  • Kim: Barney, That's Because for you tell me us
  • Barney: Whoa, Hi Everyone
  • Kids: Barney, Hi
  • Barney: Did your our something here, and somebody about play (Let's Play Together Music Starts)
  • Barney: I Love to Play with You, Run & Jump all day, Everything we knew is fun with all with You
  • Barney & Kids: Let's Play Together We What day Like to Do, Let Play Together I Love to Play with You

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