Barney's Sense-Sational Day Outtake & Blooper Ideas is a fan-made thing to make bloopers from Barney's Sense-Sational Day.

Outtake 1

Take 1

  • (scene which BJ as Captain Pickles asks Jason as Bobby about Tosha as Mom serving pickles for lunch)
  • Director: Cut! And action!
  • BJ: Say, Bobby. Is your mother serving (says a wrong word) sausages- Oops! Ah, yi-yi-yi! That's wrong!

Take 2

  • Director: Cut! And action!
  • BJ: Say, Bobby. Is your mother (says another wrong word) making- Oops! Oh, yi-yi-yi! Stupid me! Wrong again!

Take 3

  • Director: Cut! And action!
  • BJ: Say, Bobby. Is your (says another wrong word) ma'am- Oops! Ohh, yi-yi-yi! Wrong again!

Outtake 2

  • (the scene which BJ as Rootin-Tootin-Shark-Shootin-Rongo-Bustin-Buckaroo BJ tells everyone his tricks)
  • BJ: Howdy, Partners! I'm Rootin-Tootin-Shark-Shootin-Rongo-Bustin-Buckaroo BJ! And I'm just about do anything with this earing rope! Stand back! Let me show ya- (hears the producer shouting)
  • Producer: Hey, Fred Holmes! I needed to go to the bathroom!
  • BJ: (to the producer) Shut up!

Outtake 3

  • Director: Marker! And action!
  • BJ: (after the "Have a Snack" song) See? I exercise and ear healthy foods, Barney! I'm ready to play a hero in a movie!
  • Barney: Well, there is one more thing you can do-(they hear the director shouting)
  • Director: Hey, Leach! I want some lunch!
  • BJ: Hey, Mr. Holmes! You're fired!

Outtake 4

Take 1

  • BJ: (Tosha walks by) Excuse me- (Tosha slips and falls down, the baseball bat flies and hits the Director's face)
  • Director: OUCHHH! You idiot wasn't supposed to throw the baseball bat at me!

Take 2

  • BJ: (Tosha walks by) Excuse me Tosh-! (Tosha slips and falls down again, the baseball bat flies and hits the cameraman's face)
  • Cameraman: Ouuchh!
  • BJ: You're fired!
  • Cameraman: Take me to a hospital!
  • BJ: I'll check the camera.
  • Barney: Yeah, BJ.

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