NOTE: Remember, there will only be ONE version for each, so edit only if you REALLY want to.

Just Grandma and Me

  • Shawn as Little Critter/Narrator
  • Stella the Storyteller as Grandma

Arthur series

  • Stella the Storyteller as Narrator
  • Michael as Arthur
  • Kathy as D.W.
  • BJ as Buster
  • Barney as Mr. Ratburn
  • Derek as Binky
  • Min as Francine
  • Baby Bop as Muffy
  • Kenneth as the Brain
  • Luci as Arthur's Mom

The Tortoise and the Hare

  • BJ as Simon/Narrator
  • Riff as the Hare
  • Barney as the Tortoise

End Credits Music

  • "Just Imagine" (from Barney's Imagination Island) - Performed by Barney, Tosha, and Min

Harry and the Haunted House

  • Shawn as Harry/Narrator
  • Tina as Amy
  • Barney as Earl
  • Riff as Stinky
  • Derek as Spot

End Credits Music

  • "The Airplane Song" (from Barney & Friends: Going Places!) Performed by Barney and the Kids

The Berenstain Bears series

  • Stella the Storyteller as Narrator
  • Shawn as Brother Bear
  • Min as Sister Bear
  • Luci as Mama Bear
  • Barney as Papa Bear

Dr. Seuss's ABC

  • Shawn as Ichabod
  • Kathy as Izzy

Sheila Rae, the Brave

  • Stella the Storyteller as Narrator
  • Min as Sheila Rae
  • Baby Bop as Louise
  • Shawn as Wendell
  • Barney as Dad
  • Luci as Mom
  • Carlos as Capone

End Credits

  • "The Marching Song" (from Barney & Friends: The Exercise Circus!) - Performed by Barney and the Kids

Green Eggs and Ham

  • Carlos as the Grouchy Guy
  • Michael as Sam-I-Am

End Credits Music

  • Games (from Barney's Fun & Games) - Performed by Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the Kids

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