Version 1

  • Barney as Mario
  • Riff as Luigi
  • Michael as Yoshi
  • Kathy as Birdo
  • Baby Bop as Peach
  • Mrs. Etta as Daisy
  • Shawn as Toad
  • BJ as Wario
  • King Koopa (from Super Mario Bros.) as Bowser

Version 2

  • Mario as Mario
  • Gianna as Peach
  • Mr. Boyd as Luigi
  • Angela as Daisy
  • Barney as Bowser
  • Baby Bop as Kootie
  • BJ as Bowser Jr.
  • Riff as Kooky

Version 3

  • Barney as Mario
  • Baby Bop as Birdo (both begin with B, are dinosaurs, and wear bows)
  • BJ as Bowser Jr. (both have same initials)
  • Carlos as Wario
  • Riff as Yoshi
  • Robert as Luigi
  • King Koopa (from Super Mario Bros.) as Bowser
  • Shawn as Diddy Kong
  • Tina as Toadette
  • Kathy as Princess Peach
  • Danny as Toad
  • Luci as Princess Daisy

Version 4

  • BJ as Mario (Both wear shoes on their feet, and are short)
  • Barney as Luigi (Barney and Luigi are both wise, tall and kind)
  • Scooter McNutty as Yoshi (Both are michevious)
  • Miss Etta Kette as Birdo (Both sweet)
  • Luci as Princess Peach (Both girlfriends to BJ and Mario)
  • Baby Bop as Daisy (Both girlfriends to Barney and Luigi)
  • Robert as Toad (Both grateful)

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