Kathy asks Bowser to clean up for her, but instead he makes a mess of the treehouse.


  • Barney as Mr. Conductor
  • Bowser (from Mario) as Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin
  • BJ as Schemer
  • Baby Bop as Stacy Jones
  • Carlos as Billy Twofeathers
  • Kathy as Kara
  • Mr. Boyd as J.B. King
  • Shawn as Dan (flashback cameo)
  • Tosha as Becky (flashback cameo)
  • Farmer Pickles (from Bob the Builder) as Barton Winslow (mentioned)

From the Thomas Story

  • BoCo as Edward
  • James as Gordon
  • Bash & Dash as Bill & Ben
  • Thomas as Sir Topham Hatt
  • The Quarry Manager as Himself
  • The Quarry People as Themselves


  • Carlos: Now thanks for the help on this model, Barney. But I need your help that would got into those tiny little bolts here.
  • Barney: I'm plenty here, Carlos. I've got the whistle working. Listen. (presses whistle and it blows)
  • Tosha and Kathy: (gasp)
  • Kathy: Oh, it's beautiful!
  • Tosha: A new york cunction. Woah, they don't make them like that anymore.
  • Kathy: Carlos, were all trains alike in the old days?
  • Carlos: Nope, Some of them look alike then. Each of these engines were always different to the people who made them. That's always I like the new engines. Even ones that were built the same shop are different. And the smokebox was making them all higher. They are a little shorter. The steam pipes are sightly different angles. But you know one way to tell one engine from up. The sound of a whistle, non two whistles sound exacly the same pitch. Each one has a sigtly different sound. Sort of like people, to mean, we all just all slightly different from one of it.
  • Kathy: I made a thing for this picture, as a favorite to Mr. Boyd.
  • Carlos: Oh, that's a...beautiful face.
  • Barney: I regonize it. I know who it is. The name who gates me.
  • Kathy: It's BJ, Barney, I mean, your enemy.
  • Carlos:
  • Baby Bop:


  • ThomasandGordon: Can you make Barney/Family Guy parodies?
  • SuperMalechi: I never liked Family Guy.

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