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BJ's friend, Stella the Storyteller, is out of town so he hires people to clean the school, do his laundry, and bring him food.


  • Barney as Mr. Conductor
  • BJ as Schemer
  • Baby Bop as Stacy Jones
  • Knuckles (from Sonic) as Billy Twofeathers
  • Tails (from Sonic) as Dan
  • Cream (from Sonic) as Becky
  • Lillie Lighthouse (from TUGS) as Ginny
  • Sally Seaplane (from TUGS) as Midge Smoot
  • Farmer Pickles from Bob the Builder) as Barton Winslow
  • Kathy as Kara (mentioned)
  • Stella the Storyteller as Schemer's mother (mentioned)

From the Thomas Story: Percy, James & The Fruitful Day

  • Gordon as James
  • Rheneas as Percy
  • Duck as Thomas
  • Rosie and Lady as Annie and Clarebel
  • Rheneas' Driver as Percy's Driver
  • Thomas as Sir Topham Hatt
  • The Signalman as Himself
  • Harvey as Edward (cameo)
  • Murdoch as Henry (cameo)
  • James as Gordon (cameo)
  • Skarloey as Duck (cameo)


  • Knuckles: But track. A maron just in here. A pest low. Temperon comes in. Now that's all we need. Here's some more nails.
  • Cream: Should I get the nails?
  • Knuckles: That's good, Tosha.
  • (Cream walks off to get the nails)
  • Baby Bop: Okay, out with the old in and in the no. Ahh, now the treehouse would be even brighter.
  • Shawn: Hey, Baby Bop. Everyone was doing his work. How come BJ isn't helping?
  • Baby Bop: Oh, I think BJ's gonna be busy enough today to see his friend is gonna snarl the overnight.
  • BJ: But, Stella, Stella, come on. But, Stella, Stella, I already promised! All right, if I had to. I'm BJ the sawls way by the BJ pleasure to be responsible for myself while Stella's away. I mean, but I think I'm gonna do anyway, huh? Fall apart? Okay, bye-bye. (puts the phone back, then cries and weeps hysterically) Oh, Stella's gone! Oh, Stella's gone! Oh oh, I'm gonna brush my teeth by myself.

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