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Barney/Sonic is a parody with Barney and Friends clips and Sonic audio.


Version 1

  • Michael as Sonic
  • Baby Bop as Sally
  • BJ as Antoine
  • Riff as Knuckles
  • Danny as Tails
  • Huxley (from Sesame Street) as Dr. Robotink
  • Shawn as Rotor
  • Luci as Bunnie Rabbot
  • Kathy as Amy Rose
  • Tosha as Cream
  • Lt. Kellaway (from The Mask) as Gerald Robotnik
  • Carlos as Shadow
  • Barney as Big

Version 2

  • Barney as Sonic
  • Riff as Knuckles
  • Michael as Tails
  • Kathy as Princess Sally Acorn
  • Baby Bop as Amy Rose
  • Mrs. Etta as Rouge
  • Shawn as Charmy
  • BJ as Shadow
  • King Koopa (from Super Mario Bros.) as Dr. Robotnik

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