Michael is teaching math when BJ, Shawn, Barney and Danny start saying the F word.


  • Michael as Mr. Garrsion
  • Yoshi (from Mario) as Clyde
  • Shawn as Kyle
  • BJ as Eric
  • Barney as Stan
  • Danny as Kenny


  • Michael: Okay, guys. Let's start with the few Math problems. What is 5 x 2? Come on, guys. Don't be shy. Just give me your best shot. Yes, Yoshi.
  • Yoshi: 12?
  • Michael: Okay. Now let's try to get an anwser from someone who's not a complete retard. Anyone? Come on. Don't be shy.
  • Shawn: I think I know the anwser, Michael.
  • BJ (mocking Shawn): I think I know the anwser, Michael.
  • Shawn: Shut up, Fat Dinosaur!
  • BJ: Hey! Don't call me fat, you f**king jew!
  • Michael: BJ, did you just say the F word?
  • BJ: Jew?
  • Shawn: No. He's talking about f**k. You can't say f**k in school, you f**king fatass.
  • Michael: Shawn!
  • BJ: Why the f**k not?
  • Michael: BJ!
  • Barney: Dude, you just say f**k again.
  • Michael: Barney!
  • Danny: F**k.
  • Michael: Danny!
  • BJ: What's the big deal? It dosen't hurt anybody. F**k. F**kity. F**k. F**k. F**k.
  • Michael: How would you like to go see the school counselour?!
  • BJ: How would you like to suck my balls?! (Everyone else gasp)
  • Michael: What did you say?!
  • BJ: Oh, I'm sorry. What I said was: (pulls out a microphone) How would you like to suck my balls, Michael?
  • Barney: Holy shit, dude.

My Comments

  • BarneyShawnBJandRobertFan: I like BJ as Cartman.
  • JamesandBJFan: Cartman's voice kinda suits BJ.
  • SuperMalechi: BJ's Season 2 voice is silimar to Cartman's current voice from Season 9-present. Plus, BJ does the best Cartman. And, also, he is sometimes angry at Baby Bop, his sister, while Cartman is angry at Wendy, as well as his friends.
  • EdwardDuckJamesandPercyFan: Can you make Barney/Scooby Doo parodies?

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