Barney/Spongebob is a parody with Barney clips and Spongebob sound


Version 1

  • Stephen as Spongebob
  • Barney as Patrick
  • BJ as Squidward
  • Mr. Boyd as Mr. Krabs
  • Baby Bop as Sandy Cheeks
  • Michael as Larry
  • Danny as Gary

Version 2

  • BJ as Spongebob (they are both yellow, cheerful, and have freckles)
  • Barney as Patrick (In the SpongeBob movie, Patrick said that he loves being purple)
  • Elsa (from Frozen) as Squidward (although Elsa is female)
  • Mr. Boyd as Mr. Krabs (Mr. Boyd has lots of jobs which make him lots of money like Mr. Krabs does)
  • Ms. Kepler as Mrs. Puff (both teachers)
  • Carlos as Larry
  • Rodrick Heffley (from Diary of a Wimpy Kid) as Plankton
  • Gordon (from Thomas) as King Neptune
  • Baby Bop as Mindy (both green females)

Version 3[made by Kenny Redman]

  • Danny as Spongebob (both young)
  • Barney as King Neptune
  • Stephen as Patrick
  • Min as Princess Mindy
  • Jason & Jeff as Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy
  • BJ as Squidward
  • Baby Bop as Sandy
  • Carlos as Mr Krabs