Barney hears a noise which he believes is Danny.


  • Barney as Ten Cents
  • Danny as Sunshine
  • Kenneth as Grampus


  • Barney: All right, you old tub of liquid, you can settle here for the night. Hello? Who's there? Oi, is that you, Danny? Carlos? Say something, whoever you are!
  • (Danny Whistles)
  • Barney: I'm hearing things.
  • Danny: Hello, Barney.
  • Barney: Danny, it was you! Now, why didn't you answer?
  • Danny: Was me what?
  • Barney: You were near the cove.
  • Danny: Eh, can't have heard you. Gettin' warm.
  • Barney: Oh, yeah, yeah, okay. Come on, I must be tired.
  • Kenneth: Night, Barney. Night, Danny.
  • Barney & Danny: Good night, Kenneth! 

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