Thomas and Spencer gather the heroes and villains together for an emergency meeting about missing wagons.


  • Thomas (from Thomas & Friends) as Captain Star
  • Spencer (from Thomas & Friends) as Captain Zero
  • BJ as Top Hat
  • Bowser (from Mario) as Zorran
  • D199 (a Made-up Thomas character) as Zug
  • Spamcan (from The RWS) as Zip
  • Carlos as Big Mac
  • Michael as Warrior
  • Kenneth as Grampus


  • Thomas (Narrating): Next morning, I told Spencer, Heroes and Villains had to get together on this!
  • BJ: I say, what's this all about? Springfield Fleet and Bully Fleet together, whatever next?
  • Bowser: We're wasting time.
  • Thomas: Silence!
  • Bowser: Barney's wagon is the only one gone.
  • D199: Yeah, bet he knows what it's about.
  • Spamcan: Him stealing wagons, that's what!
  • Carlos: Cut that out about Homer!
  • Michael: Yeah, watch it, see?
  • D199: Well, we didn't mean it...
  • Carlos: Just careful what you say!
  • Thomas: I said Silence! Spencer and I have had a meeting. Missing wagons is serious. We're going to get to the bottom of it, understand? Spencer?
  • Spencer: I have a scheme to catch this pirate.
  • BJ: Ha, I expect that there are several!
  • Carlos: Aye, send a crook to catch a crook.
  • Bowser: What are you suggesting?
  • Thomas: Quiet! We've decided to set a trap!
  • Spencer: Certain boxes are being rigged with flares that will trigger off if the box is even touched, never mind stolen!
  • Thomas: So, this is the plan. Tonight, you'll all be out in pairs, maintaining silence. Keep your eyes open. Spencer and I...
  • Thoms (Narrating): Unknown to us, Kenneth was searching where he'd lost the thief the night before.
  • Kenneth: It's as far as here. What about this old warehouse? It's impossible; hasn't been used for years. 

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