D199 is pulling an old frieght cars when he meets up with Scar McNutty and Spamcan


  • D199 (a made-up Thomas character) as Zug
  • Spamcan (from The RWS) as Zip
  • Scar McNutty (a made-up Barney character) as Zak


  • Thomas (Narrating): There were times, believe it or not, when the School Fleet and the Villians took on a big job together. One of those times I'm remembering is when timer and tanning bark had to be brought down from the sawmills in Africa. And this year, it was especially important that we work together, but D199 was making heavy going of pulling a frieght car on its last journey.
  • Spamcan: Hey, D199!
  • Scar McNutty: Hey, D199! Bowser's going mad waiting for you! Where you been?
  • D199: Spencer told me to take this old rust frieghr car to the Smelter's Yard.
  • Scar McNutty: You'll see Bowser at the School before you get there. He's not going to like it.
  • D199: I'm only carrying out orders. Bowser can't blame me.
  • Spamcan: Ha! Don't you believe it! 

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