Here's my first Barney/Thomas FL Parodies Home Video. Featuring seven parodies narrated by Ringo Starr.

They are:

  1. Barney Saves The Day
  2. BJ Learns A Lesson
  3. Foolish Frieght Wagons
  4. A New Friend For Barney
  5. Shawn Takes Charge
  6. Persons & Turntables
  7. Old Iron

Opening Credits

  • Told by RINGO STARR
  • Directed by DENNIS DESAZER


Barney Saves The Day

  • Ringo Starr: Everyday, Stan Marsh came to the station to catch his wagon.
  • Stan Marsh: Hello.
  • Ringo Starr: He always said to Barney
  • Stan Marsh: Don't let the silly wagons tease you. Remember, you have a very important job in the train yard.
  • Ringo Starr: There were lots a wagons and Barney worked very hard pushing and pulling them into place. There was also a small cart and two strange things his driver called cranes.
  • Barney's Driver: That's the breakdown wagon.
  • Ringo Starr: He told Barney.
  • Barney's Driver: The cranes are for lifting heavy things like dinosaurs, wagons and carts. One day, Barney was in the yard. Suddenly he heard another dinosaur shouting.
  • BJ: Help! Help!
  • Ringo Starr: A dinosaur came rushing in much too fast. The dinosaur was BJ and he was frighten. His shoes were burning.
  • BJ: They're pushing me! They're pushing me!
  • Ringo Starr: He cried.
  • Wagons: On, on, on!
  • Ringo Starr: Laughed the wagons. Still whistling.
  • BJ: Help! Help!
  • Ringo Starr: Poor BJ disappeared.
  • Barney: I'd like to teach those wagons a lesson.
  • Ringo Starr: Said Barney the Dinosaur.
  • Ringo Starr: Then came the alarm.
  • Signalman: BJ is off the road! The breakdown wagon quickly!
  • Ringo Starr: Barney was hooked up and off they went. Barney worked his hardest.
  • Barney: Hurry, hurry, hurry!
  • Ringo Starr: He said. He wasn't pretending to be like Carlos. He really meant it.
  • Barney: Bother those wagons and their tricks. I hope poor BJ isn't hurt.
  • Ringo Starr: BJ's men were feeling him all over to see if he was hurt.
  • BJ's Men: Never mind BJ.
  • Ringo Starr: They said.
  • BJ's Men: It was your old shoes and the wagons that caused the accident.
  • Ringo Starr: Barney pushed the breakdown wagon along side. Then, he pull away the unhurt wagons.
  • Wagons: Oh dear! Oh dear!
  • Ringo Starr: They cried.
  • Barney: Serves you right. Serves you right.
  • Ringo Starr: Said Barney. He was hard at work walking backwards and fowards all afternoon.
  • Barney: This will teach you a lesson. This will teach you a lesson.
  • Ringo Starr: He told the wagons. And they answered.
  • Wagons: Yes it will. Yes it will.
  • Ringo Starr: They left the broken wagons. Then with two cranes, they put BJ back onto the road. He tried to move, but he couldn't. So Barney helped him back to the school. Stan Marsh was waiting for them.
  • Stan Marsh: Well Barney.
  • Ringo Starr: He said.
  • Stan Marsh: I heard all about it and I'm very please with you. You're a really useful dinosaur. BJ shall have some proper shoes and new skin. And you shall have a branchline all to yourself.
  • Barney: Oh thank you sir.
  • Ringo Starr: Said Barney. Now Barney is as happy as can be. He has a branchline and two kids called Alissa and Ashley. He walks proudly backwards and fowards with them all day. He is never alone. Riff and Michael stop by quite often and tell him the news. Carlos is always in a hurry, but never forgets to whistle to Barney and Barney whistles back in return.

Nameplates after Barney Saves The Day

  • Barney
  • Riff
  • Carlos
  • Danny
  • Kenneth

BJ Learns A Lesson

  • Ringo Starr: BJ was enjoying his life at the school. But he still had a lot to learn.
  • Stan Marsh: You're a special mix treffic dinosaur.
  • Ringo Starr: Said Stan Marsh.
  • Stan Marsh: You can pull wagons and barges quite easily, but you must learn from your mistakes.
  • Ringo Starr: BJ knew what Stan Marsh meant. He could well remember that dreatfull accident on his first day.
  • Riff: Be careful with the wagons BJ.
  • Ringo Starr: Said kind little Riff.
  • Riff: They don't like being bump.
  • Ringo Starr: Everyone came to see BJ.
  • BJ: I'm a really splendid dinosaur.
  • Ringo Starr: He said and suddenly blew bubbles. A shower fell on Stan Marsh' new blue hat. Just then, the conductor blew his whistle and BJ thought they'd better go.
  • BJ: Go on, go on!
  • Ringo Starr: He said to Riff.
  • Riff: Don't push, don't push!
  • Ringo Starr: Said Riff. The wagons were grumbling too.
  • Wagons: Don't go so fast, don't go so fast!
  • Ringo Starr: But BJ didn't listen. When at last they stop at the station, two wagons were beyond the platform. They had to go back to let the passengers. No one seem to know about Stan's new hat. So BJ felt happier. Presently, they reach the station where Barney was waiting with his two wagons.
  • Barney: Hello BJ. Feeling better? That's right. (Conductor blows his whistle) Oh, that's my conductor's whistle. I must go I don't know what Stan Marsh would do without me to run this branchline.
  • Ringo Starr: And he ran off importantly. Riff and BJ past the field where BJ had had his accident. The fience was mended and the cows were back again. They ended their journey and rested before setting off for home. BJ was still wondering what Stan would say about his blue hat. (Riff and BJ head off for home) Next morning, Stan Marsh spoke to him.
  • Stan Marsh: If you can't behave, I will take away your yellow coloring and have you be green.
  • Ringo Starr: BJ didn't like that all. He was very rough with the wagons as he brought them to the platform/
  • BJ: Don't talk! Come on!
  • Ringo Starr: He called to them.
  • BJ: Carlos never has to fetch his own wagons.
  • Ringo Starr: He thought to himself.
  • BJ: And he only wears green.
  • Ringo Starr: To make BJ even more cross, this time no one came near him.
  • BJ: I'll show them. They think Carlos is the only one who can pull wagons. Hurry, hurry, hurry!
  • Ringo Starr: Said BJ.
  • Wagons: You're going too fast, you're too fast.
  • Ringo Starr: Said the wagons. BJ laughed and tried to go faster. But the wagons wouldn't let.
  • Wagons: We're going to stop, we're going to stop.
  • (They come to a stop)
  • BJ: What's the matter?
  • Ringo Starr: BJ asked his driver.
  • BJ's Driver: The breaks are hard on. Leak in the pipe most likely. You banged the wagons enough to make a leak in anything.
  • The Conductor: How should we ment it?
  • Ringo Starr: Said the conductor.
  • BJ's Driver: We'll do it with newspaper and a leather bootlace.
  • Ringo Starr: Said the driver.
  • The Conductor: But where is the bootlace coming from?
  • Ringo Starr: Asked the conductor.
  • BJ's Driver: Ask the passengers.
  • Ringo Starr: Said the driver.
  • The Conductor: You have a leather bootlace I see sir.
  • Ringo Starr: Said the conductor to a smartly dressed man.
  • The Conductor: Please give it to me.
  • The Man: I won't said the man.
  • The Conductor: Then
  • Ringo Starr: Said the conductor.
  • The Conductor: I'm afraid we're just stop where we are.
  • Ringo Starr: The passengers were all saying what a bad school it was. Then they told the man how bad he was instead. Everyone was very cross. At last, he handed his lacess over. The driver tied a pad of newspaper tightly round the hole in the train pipe and BJ was able to pull the wagons. But he was a sader and wiser BJ and took care never to bump wagons again.

Nameplates after BJ Learns A Lesson

  • Barney
  • BJ
  • Carlos
  • Danny
  • Kenneth

Foolish Frieght Wagons

Nameplates after Foolish Frieght Wagons

A New Friend For Barney

Nameplates after A New Friend For Barney

Shawn Takes Charge

Nameplates after Shawn Takes Charge

Persons & Turntables

Nameplates after Persons & Turntables

Old Iron

  • Ringo Starr One day, BJ was waiting at the station when Riff with his wagons came in. This made him cross.
  • BJ: Late again!
  • Ringo Starr: Riff laughed and BJ firmed away. After BJ finished his work went back to the school and went onto the merry-go-round. He was still feeling very bad tempered.
  • BJ: Riff is impossible. He clanks about like a lot of old iron. And he is so slow, he makes us late.
  • Ringo Starr: Barney and Danny were indigmint.
  • Danny: Old Iron? Slow?
  • Barney: Why Riff can beat you in a race anyday!
  • BJ: Really?
  • Ringo Starr: Said BJ.
  • BJ: I should like to see him do it!
  • Ringo Starr: Next morning, Boomer was suddenly taken ill. He can hardly move. So the fireman unhooked BJ ready for homework. BJ was impatient.

Closing Credits

My Comments

  • SpencerVSStewie: My favorite episode on this video is BJ Learns A Lesson.
  • ThomasDuckJamesPercyandRheneasFan: Upload the full version of the Home Video: The Old Bridge and Other Barney Adventures, TheCityMaker.
  • TheCityMaker: Yes, ThomasDuckJamesPercyandRheneasFan.

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