Barney: Going Places! is a episode from Barney and Friends was the last video from The Lyons Group Logo only. 


Michael wants go to Imagination City with Barney. Join the tranpsition fun in Barney: Going Places from The Lyons Group and the 1992 Barney Home Video. 


  • Barney
  • Michael


  • The Airplane Song
  • Sally the Camel
  • The Happy Wander
  • I Love You


  • Michael wear the same colthes on Barney Goes to School. 
  • Derek, Tina, Min, and Kathy are metioned in this home video.
  • This is the only Barney home video ( after "Barney: The Backyard Show, Three Wishes, A Day at the Beach, Waiting for Santa, Barney's Campfire Sing-Along, Barney Goes to School, Barney in Concert, and Rock With Barney" ) to be disturbed from The Lyons Group.
  • This boy ( Michael ) also appeared with Adam, Jeffrey, Jason, Derek, Luci, Amy, and Tina on Barney's Third Adventures, Barney's Drewry Second School Fun!

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