Barney: Going Places 1992 is a Barney Cilp Show. 


Barney teaches Michael go to places to a tranpristion fun. 


  • Barney
  • Michael


  1. The Airplane Song
  2. The Happy Wander
  3. Down by the Station
  4. I Love You


Opening Previews

  1. Marcovlsion Warning Petioned 
  2. Light Blue FBI Copyrighted Warning Screen
  3. Interpol Light Blue Warning Screens Logo
  4. Barney Home Video Logo ( 1992 Version ) 
  5. Barney Live! In New York City Preview 
  6. Barney's Imagination Island Preview
  7. Barney Safety Preview
  8. Please Stayed Tuned Bumper Logo
  9. The Lyons Group Logo
  10. Barney's Going Places tittle card 

Closing Previews

  1. End Credits
  2. Barney: Waiting for Santa Preview
  3. Riding in Barney's Car Trailer
  4. PBS Logo
  5. The Lyons Group Logo
  6. Barney: A Day at the Beach
  7. Down on Barney's Farm
  8. Barney in Concert 

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