Here's one of my customized Thomas VHS tapes. It's the Strand Home Video version of Rusty To The Rescue and Other Stories. I made the end credits, with a 1994-1995 style of the US Thomas end credits. I also used the text that was used for 1992-1993 Strand Home Video releases of Thomas videos.

I did this by using my Wii. I edited this with that, and recorded this on VHS and made the label.

Video Sources used:

  1. Thomas' Christmas Party and Other Stories (1993) (Strand Home Video FBI Warning, Strand Home Video logo)
  2. Rock N Roll and Other Stories (Granpuff opening)
  3. Thomas Gets Bumped (Narrated by George Carlin intro)
  4. Season 4 DVD (A Bad Day For Sir Handel, Rusty Helps Peter Sam, Rusty To The Rescue, Thomas and Stepney)
  5. Rusty To The Rescue (Gone Fishing)
  6. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon (S2 Thomas nameboards)

Audio sources:

  1. Rusty To The Rescue (George Carlin narrations)



  • SuperMalechi: Thanks for this version, again.

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