Here's one of my customized Thomas VHS tapes. It's Thomas Comes To Breakfast and Other Stories, with Ringo Starr narrating. I hate when George Carlin re narrated all Ringo Starr episodes. I think Ringo Starr would've narrated Whistles and Sneezes, Bertie's Chase, Percy and the Signal, Donald and Douglas, The Deputation, Daisy, Percy's Predicament, The Diseasel, Wrong Road and Edward's Exploit for US audiences, and say Sir Topham Hatt in his US version of Thomas and the Missing Chrstmas Tree. Also, I made the end credits, with a 1996 style of the US Thomas end credits. Plus, I added the coal chute sound effect for Double Trouble.

I did this by using my Wii. I edited this with that, and recorded this on VHS and made the label.

Video Sources used:

  1. Better Late Than Never and Other Stories (1991) (Strand VCI FBI Warning, Strand VCI logo, Britt Allcroft logo, Pop Goes The Diesel, Diesel's Devious Deed, A Close Shave for Duck, Gordon Takes A Dip)
  2. 1987 airing of Thomas Comes To Breakfast (Season 2 intro, first few seconds of a Thomas Comes To Breakfast)
  3. Tenders and Turntables and Other Stories (1990) (Thomas Comes To Breakfast, Trouble in the Shed)
  4. Thomas Breaks The Rules and Other Stories (1990) (Double Trouble, A Cow On The Line)



  • SuperMalechi: Thanks for this version. I like Ringo Starr.

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