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Barney & Friends: Fun With Sharing & Other Episodes is a fan-fiction Barney & Friends VHS Release featuring five Season 1 episodes, two Season 2 episodes and three Season 3 episodes. This is distributed by Random House Home Video in 1996.


  1. Caring Means Sharing (Season 1)
  2. My Favorite Things (Season 2)
  3. I Can Be A Firefighter! (Season 3)
  4. 1-2-3-4-5 Senses! (Season 1)
  5. I Can Do That! (Season 2)
  6. Gone Fishing! (Season 3)
  7. Carnival Of Numbers (Season 1)
  8. Hats Off to BJ! (Season 3)
  9. Everyone is Special (Season 1)
  10. The Queen of Make-Believe (Season 1)


  • Distributed by Random House Home Video.

Summary (Random House Home Video version)

  • Barney, B.J. and Baby Bop wants to take turns, so Barney and his friends can share some various activities. A perfect lesson to have some fun at school, an all new video with some episodes on Barney & Friends. Join us to have some Learning Fun and Taking Turns for everyone!

VHS Artwork

Front Cover (Random House Home Video version)

  • Barney, Kathy, Shawn, Derek and Min from "Caring Means Sharing''.
  • B.J. (Season 3).
  • Tosha from "Be A Friend".

Back Cover (Random House Home Video version)

  • Barney, Derek and Min with a Gift of Love box open with some hearts on it from "Caring Means Sharing".
  • B.J. holding his hat from "Hats Off to BJ!"


After Caring Means Sharing

After My Favorite Things

After I Can Be A Firefighter!

After 1-2-3-4-5 Senses!

After I Can Do That!

After Gone Fishing!

After Carnival Of Numbers

After Hats Off to BJ!

After Everyone is Special




  1. Random House Home Video logo
  2. Barney Home Video logo
  3. Barney & Friends intro


  1. End credits
  2. Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever promo

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