Barney & Friends 3: The Movie is a parodie of Pokemon 3: The Movie for Season 3 Barney Video.


When the film starts with Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids are staying in Barney's school and fun, the kids are writing some math on the papers for our choir show to sing "This Little Light Of Mine" at the park. And the three dinosaurs get into their car and drove the the pizza restaurant. The chef baked four little balls. And Barney reads and says, "Bake in a pizza, and see what happens!" The pizza is coming! Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ eat a large pizza. And we drove to the park and the kids, the cast from Franklin, the cast from Scooby-Doo, and the cast from Super Why!. So the gang sing the finale song "This Little Light Of Mine". After the song, the film ends with the three dinosaurs ride in their car.

This Little Light Of Mine Finale

Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Min, Shawn, Tosha, Rupert, Franklin, Mrs. Turtle, Mr. Turtle, Harriet, Bear, Beaver, Goose, Rabbit, Mrs. Bear, Mr. Bear, Mr. Mole, Mrs. Beaver, Mr. Beaver, Whyatt/Super Why, Pig/Alpha Pig, Red/Wonder Red, Pea/Princess Pea, Puppy/Woofster, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Dahpine, Velma, Scrappy

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