Barney And Friends Seasons 5 And 6 2001 VHS Is The 15 Episode VHS

It Was Released On October 30th 2001 The Same Day As Barney's Pajama Party

They Have 5 Episodes From Season 5 And They Have 10 Episodes From Season 6

Opening Previews

Bob The Builder Bob's White Christmas Trailer

The Wiggles Yule Be Wiggling Trailer

Barney Holiday Videos Trailer

Kipper Tiger Tales And Pools Parks And Picnics Trailer


Brushing Up On Teeth

A Little Mother Goose

You've Got To Have Art

Try It You'll Like It

How Does Your Garden Grow

Five Kinds Of Fun

Seven Days A Week

Itty Bitty Bugs

Stick With Imagination

Howdy Friends

Sweet As Honey

Count Me In

A Sunny Snowy Day

The One And Only You

You Can Do It

Closing Previews

My Party With Barney Trailer

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