Dirtgirlworld's Intro and Outro Speeches are only seen on Strand VCI releases of Dirtgirlworld and Franklin Videos from Season 3.

Dirtgirlworld's Franklin And His Night Friend


  • Dirtgirl: Hi, everybody. I'm Dirtgirl. And this is, Scrapboy, Ken, and Grubby. Remember I was part of companies. I was so happy to be part of the Strand VCI Entertainment company. It's gonna be stu-u-u-pendous! And, remember when Franklin told Bat us about nighttime. I'll be back after my series.
  • Grubby: But, right now it's time for Franklin And His Night Friend.


  • Dirtgirl: Hi, everyone, again! Burning buildings make good senses! And Bat is my good friend. My series, Dirtgirlworld, features fun and excitment. Here are my previews to the Strand VCI releases of my Home Videos. In Franklin Plays the Game, Franklin's scoocer team loses every game. We play scoocer with my friend, Bear. (cut to Dirtgirl and Grubby at the listening game) Are you ready? (Fireman Sam says, Safe and sound!) Did you hear that??
  • Scrapboy, Ken, and Grubby: It's Fireman Sam!
  • Dirtgirl: (Fireman Sam appears) That's correct! It's Fireman Sam! You're all winners!
  • Scrapboy, Ken, and Grubby: Yaaaaay!!
  • Fireman Sam: Woaaah! Watch ya' doing?
  • Grubby: We're playing a listening game!
  • Fireman Sam: A listening game? Aw, coooll. (cut back to Dirtgirl at Veggie Patch from Water)
  • Dirtgirl: Remember the time when I worked on a cartoon with Fireman Sam. (cut to BJ walking, then he stops, looks around, until his eyes bug out, and he sees that the pencil trophy Fireman Sam. The lid of the pencil shines, and Sam puts off his hat, then cries)
  • Dirtgirl: (consules Fireman Sam) There, there, now. Tell Dirtgirl what's wrong.
  • Fireman Sam: I want to work on your cartoon! Take your best shot.
  • Dirtgirl: Well that's great, Fireman Sam! I'll get you some pencils.
  • Fireman: But, you don't understand! I can't...I...I can't...I...I can't dance!! (sobs some more)
  • Dirtgirl: It's okay, Fireman Sam. Lots of people make cartoons that can't draw. (cut back to Dirtgirl at Veggie Patch again) Also, take a look of my Dirtgirlworld home videos like: Pools, Parks, and Picnics, and Monkey Tales. are really stu-u-u-pendous. See you next time, That's all folks! (scene ends)

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