Barney The Dinosaur Released On Friday, December 12, 2003 On Cody Is Rated TV-G

Created By Gail Herman With 27 Episodes 2003 To 2006


Pilot.The Gorilla Big Foot Of The African Jungle (01/30/2000)

Season 1 (2003-2004)

1.Catnapped Hotel/A Secret Map To The Cody (12/12/2003)

2.Search To Barney's Snacks/Barney Donut (12/12/2003)

3.Dinosaur Barney/Mean Playground (12/19/2003)

4.The Pizza Place Barney/Garden Story Barney (12/19/2003)

5.Carnival Dino-Fun/A Castle To Feel With Love (12/26/2003)

6.Baseball Purple Dinosaur/The Real Museum (02/13/2004)

7.Puzzle Barney/Snack Monster Freak (02/20/2004)

8.The Pumpkin Being Friends/Racecar Dinosaur (02/27/2004)

9.Snow Princess/The Movie Ski Lodge (04/02/2004)

10.Valentine Dinosaur/A Valentine Gift (04/09/2004)

11.Dinosaur's Tooth Will Break/West Edmonton Mall (04/16/2004)

12.The Revenge Of The Gorilla Big Foot Of The African Jungle/Sea Monster Dinosaur (04/23/2004)

13.Treasure Barney/The Great Magic Apple (04/30/2004)

Season 2 (2004-2006)

14.Barney's Sports Day/Football Exam (11/30/2004)

15.Sledding David For A Curse/Eight Crazy Barney's (12/07/2004)

16.Stormy Business/1,000 Years Of Leaves Around Here (12/14/2004)

17.School Purple Dinosaur/Thanksgiving Barney (02/18/2005)

18.Surfing Lessons/Camp Barney (03/24/2005)

19.The Shamrock Dinosaur/Sax's School Play Surprise (04/15/2005)

20.Christmas Cookie Man/Halloween Purple Party (05/03/2005)

21.Spy Dinosaur/The Nepal Dinosaur (05/10/2005)

22.House Party Barney/Around The World Of Barney (05/17/2005)

23.Scarecrow Of This/The Great Safari Dinosaur (11/25/2005)

24.The Snowman Been Happened/The Television Purple Dinosaur (12/02/2005)

25.The Wild West Dinosaur/Sorcerer Abracadabra (12/09/2005)

26.The Train With Dr. Zebu (12/16/2005)

27.Diner Of Danger (11/17/2006)

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