This is Barney's first design, which is a far departure from later Barney designs. He looks more like a T-rex, and his main body color is more of a darker blue-violet. This Barney costume was operated in a similar way to Big Bird (one hand operating the bottom jaw, the other in an arm). He has a rather deeper and more mature voice. He also has a red tongue. He was performed by David Voss and voiced by Bob West. This 1988-1989 Barney costume costume came out in June 7, 1988.


Barney's design gets a slight make over, with his eyes becoming larger, his belly becoming rounder, his color becoming more magenta, and his mouth becoming smaller. His voice goes up a notch to a younger sound. This Late 1989-Early 1990 Barney costume came out in July 1, 1989.


Starting with Barney's A Trip to the Imagination City (September 1, 1990). This Season 1 Barney costume came out in August 1, 1990.

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