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Michael and the Magic Railroad is a Barney/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Movie.


  • Michael as Thomas
  • Barney as Henry
  • Riff as Gordon
  • BJ as James
  • Danny as Percy
  • Kenneth as Toby
  • Tosha as Lady
  • The Grinch (from The Grinch) as Diesel 10
  • Harry & Marv (from Home Alone) as Splatter & Dodge
  • Edward as Mr. Conductor
  • Emily as Stacy Jones
  • Thomas as Junior
  • Toby as Burnett Stone
  • Percy as Patch
  • Rosie as Lilly
  • Diesel as PT Boomer
  • and more


Quote 1

  • The Grinch: AH HA Twinkle Toes Thomas
  • Thomas: Oh No My Beach Bag
  • The Grinch: You Won't Be Surfing Up Here Mr. C Boomer
  • Thomas: Really Watch Me
  • Dr. Robotink: Hang On Take Moon Doggy
  • Thomas: Yeah Ha
  • Michael: Grinch's Hyjacking
  • Rosie: What's Going to Happen to Thomas Now
  • Edward: Well My Engines Putting Them out of Trouble enfening
  • Michael: I Don't Watch Enfening Means But it sounds very very low

Quote 2

  • Thomas: I'm Sorry Rosie I'm Sorry Cause Reponsle, Reliable and Useful I Will Be I Will Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • and more

Quote 3

  • The Grinch: AH HA There's the Boy and Look What's He Doing Harv Come and Destroy
  • Harry: No no do it yourself
  • Marv: We don't like you
  • Harry: Na we mean that
  • Marv: Infact
  • Harry: What's a name
  • Marv: I don't know
  • Harry: Good word
  • Michael: Run Tosha Quickly and I'm going to help you
  • Toby: So Am I Kathy I'm Not Gonna Let You Down Again
  • The Grinch: Ha who needs you Marv
  • Edward: Watch out for the viaduct it's dangerous
  • Soon Tosha Michael and Toby running for their lives
  • Edward and Thomas looked at The Grinch
  • The Grinch: Hahahahaha
  • Edward: AAAAH
  • Thomas: What's the Matter
  • Edward: Tosha That Girl's Name is Tosha She's part of the clue to the sauce of the
  • Edward and Thomas: Gold Dust
  • Screaming
  • The Grinch: Now I'll Get You Toby
  • Toby: No You Won't Because The Magic You Refuse to let in GET THE BETTER OF YOU
  • The Grinch: You Can Run But you can't hide Right Jack
  • Laughs Evily
  • The Grinch: Jack's Hungry
  • Coming Towards Michael
  • Michael: Ooh Get Back
  • Catches up with Tosha
  • Toby: Come On Tosha
  • Runs Faster
  • The Grinch: Coming Little Boy Hahahahaha Look Oooooooouuuut Here I Come Duck Jack Hahahahaha
  • Tosha and Michael are away from The Grinch
  • The Grinch: I've Got My Lunched Steam Hahahahaha Muraahhh Grabs to Michael Grrrrrr
  • and more

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