VHS date

July 1, 1991


Barney Theme Song

Barney Theme Song (Reprise)

Everyone is Special

The Backyard Gang Rap

We are Barney and the Backyard Gang

Down on Grandpa's Farm

The Noble Duke of York

Pop Goes the Weasel

Alphabet Song (English, Hebrew, and French)

Where is Thumbkin

Sally the Camel

Mr. Knickerbocker

Mr. Knickerbocker (Reprise)

Baby Bop's Song

Baby Bop's Street Dance

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Bubble Bubble Bath

Hurry Hurry Drive The Firetruck

Down By The Station

You're A Grand Old Flag

I Love You


During the 1995 version and the 1998 Sesame Street version distributed by Sony Wonder, Bob West redubbed the "Everyone Is Special" lyrics using the current words to the lyrics. In fact, the "Everyone Is Special" medley were a little rearranged like the regular lyrics for Everyone Is Special and the regular medley for the music like the 1991 release.

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