Barney the Dinosaur is a two-hundred-million-year-old (two dinosaur
Barney the Dinosaur
years), six-foot tall, purple Tyrannosaurus Rex with a green tummy, who comes to life through a child's imagination. He is the main character on the younger children's television series Barney & Friends. He is best known for his friendly, optimistic (and even generous) personality, his positive attitude. His theme song is the "Barney Theme Song". His other well known song is "I Love You," which is sung at the end of almost every episode. Barney likes most kinds of food, but his main favorites are a peanut butter sandwich and sandwiches made with pumpernickel bread, which is his favorite bread. According to the Barney and the Backyard Gang video Barney's Campfire Sing Along, veggies are also a favorite of his. As of Season 11, Barney has grown to like pistachio nuts as well. He also likes to try new foods. For example in the Barney & Friends episode Hola, Mexico!, he tried chips and (hot) salsa but ended up burning his mouth.


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