Baron Tholdur was the ruler of Neuberg in southwestern Khul in the late third century AC.

Helm Hill

In his early years of tenure the Baron is most renowned for his exploits at the Battle of Helm Hill where he led the forces of Neuberg against a mighty force from the Southern Steppes. This Battle prevented further incursions by the Southerners of the Steppes for many years.

The influence of Senyakhaz

The Baron's name was tarnished somewhat in later years however. For in 282AC, Fire, Baron Tholdur travelled to Zagoula and returned under the influence of the sorceress Senyakhaz, with a retinue of southern soldiers who planned to release their great leader, Xakhaz. Soon after Neuberg became a place of nightmares and horror for Senyakhaz was in league with the ancient sorcerer Xakhaz, whose spirit had been entombed centuries before below Neuberg Keep. The return of one of the Baron's most trusted comrade in arms, who is now known as Oiden's Champion, led to the extinguishing of this new rise of Southern influence and the Baron was restored to full health and vigour.

Family and Heir

Baron Tholdur had no children of his own but did adopt a daughter. She was later captured and tortured to madness by Senyakhaz, following the voicing of her concerns of the sorceress's influence over her father. She was forced to wear cursed Armour which forced her to attack anyone be they friend or foe. She was released from this madness after Senyakhaz's demise. The Baron named the warrior known as Oiden's Champion as heir of his lands. The Baron was also renowned in Transoxalia and indeed throughout the south Ximoran protectorate for his wine cellar. This was blessed with some of Neuberg's finest tipples such as Honeytongue Mead and Neuberg Ruby. However the Baron's fondness for food and wine also led to his obtaining many bottles of Potion of No Appetite, a diet potion, because of worries over his weight.

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