14' Barrels (, pbnation, and

Proto 1 Peice- 27.50

  • Made with a premium 6061-T6 high grade aluminum, .690 micro finish

Proto 2 Peice- 74.35

  • Made with a premium 6061-T6 high grade aluminum, .690 micro finish

Freak Jr.- 59.90

  • Includes .693 insert
  • Available in black 14" only

SP Linear- 29.99

  • Accuracy comparable to the freak barrel at an affordable price

SP Teardrop- 29.95

  • Shoots straight and quiet
  • Smart Parts legendary Smart Tuff coating

Stiffi- 87.20

  • Available in bore sizes ranging from .681 to .695 in .002 increments
  • Weighs in at 52 grams and is stronger than steel
  • It shoots straight all the time, as carbon doesn't change with

temperature fluctuations Dye UL- 50-60 (pbnation)

  • Micro-honed perfection equals perfection in accuracy
  • Threaded at a compound angel to ensure perfect alignment every time
  • Traditional Dye straight porting that is quiet and classic
  • Dye trademarked muzzle break

Evil Driver- 54.95

  • One-piece barrel construction
  • Silky smooth anodized finish
  • Ample porting for reduced noise

CP Classic One-Peice .689- 39.95

  • Well machined, honed and anodized
  • Tournament level barrel at an affordable price
  • Very acurate and quiet

Empire Twister- 41.50

  • Twist effect internal milling
  • Accurate and precise barrel
  • Ported for extra silence
  • Empire logo milled on barrel side
  • .688 bore size

Eclipse Solo .689- 39.00

  • Reduced turbulance
  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduced signature
  • 1 piece barrel design

J & J One Piece- 34.99

  • Creative machining to give the appearance of a two-piece barrel
  • .688 bore
  • Economical price

Lucky Un1tec- 28.00

  • The barrel tip and bore are a single piece so it is impossible to misalign

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