A range of wild and windswept hills between Doomover and Irsmuncast, shrouded in a perpetual mist (I/341). According to I/map they are located between Mortavalon, Greyguilds and the Spires. The country on the edge of the Swales is a gentle landscape of rolling meadows with small hamlets nestling in the valleys (III/13). The ancient tribes of the Barrow Swales constructed shrines to the All-Mother in the form of stone cairns, which cover the landscape (III/348). To the south, beyond the lower hills, is the valley of the River Greenblood. To the north is a wilderness of trees and meadows (III/360). Avenger encountered a two-headed ettin (illustrated opposite I/341) when travelling in the Swales. Here also is the Ring of Vasch-Ro (III/5).

To the west of the Rift (probably the lands between the Barrow Swales and the Forests of Passing) is a range of wooded hills (TD/185). The countryside here is shown in the background opposite TD/39. In these woods is an idyllically-peaceful sacred grove (TD/52), tended by the Guardian Druid, Wodeman (TD/199).[1] Creatures encountered in the forest by the hero of Talisman of Death include a huge white wolf (TD/256, companion to Wodeman) and the basilisk (TD/159), as well as the grendel-hag (TD/230, TD/270) and the tree-like willow weird (TD/319).[2] Further to the west is a steep sided and verdant valley, deep in ferns (TD/111, TD/227). On the valley floor is a bubbling spring (TD/203).


  1. He is illustrated opposite TD/52, standing next to the she-wolf, Snowmane, carrying an oak staff and a silver sickle. On his head he wears a crown of mistletoe.
  2. The sap of the willow weird has certain healing properties (TD/161).

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