Barry Charles is a Zombie which cannot die who was taken over by the Demon Mirror he was the only person that was around after he manage to get the Demon out of Stacy Hart and he also saved Maria Hart but after be buried he came back to live and wanted to kill Maria and Stacy Hart.


When he came to Devon he was going to destory the Rivers but found [Kim Knight]] more fun with all the chaos he was blown up a plan the River came up with to finish him off. However the next year he came back again and wanted to kill the Rivers again.

He also tried to brainwash Emma Davison who was under his power and unless she was cured in time she would have died. He died again that year when he was struck by a Train once more the Rivers thought they had got rid of him.


Barry came back to finish them off again this time he was even stronger he was this time thrown into the sea in a metal box to make sure his prison was somewhere he could no longer come back from however the Rivers read a report that some fishing men had found a box and something inside had killed them.


Barry attacked once again this time a spell by Adam Turner a master of the black arts made sure if he died again he would not be allowed to life when this went on he ran for his life it wasn't until a few months later when he wanted to kill Scott Curtis and also Becky Miles he was stopped and no one heard from him again. It was found later he returned to the oldman he was before with no memory when he turned up in Totnes

His blow to Scott almost send Scott Curtis on to his 25th Body but it was stopped when Maria got him to hospital and also gave him CPR in the back of her car.

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