(Z and Friends Saw A Barry B Benson and Adam Gettting His Bolt DVD)

  • Barry: can i get a Bolt DVD now
  • Z:Still I'm Not Going Anywhere else you have DVDs at home!!!
  • Barry: What??! DVD BWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHH I Want Bolt DVD Aaaaaaaaaaah
  • Chance:Seriously Need Some Water
  • Narrator: So Barry locked in his room next day
  • Barry: wowowowow!!!!  I Want Elsa Plush!!! can I get it now Z!
  • Z: No!! Barry, this plushes are at Home includes alf Plush toy and more
  • Barry: waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!  I Want Elsa Plush!!! Waaahahaaah!!!!!
  • Narrator By Chance:55 Years Later
  • (Barry Took a Tantrum at Police headquarters)
  • Tigger:You Want Roll a Toilet Paper
  • Barry Spins AROUND
  • Pooh:Just Like Mummy
  • 34 Later
  • Chance:Day Afternoon
  • Leo: you must die!
  • June: ready,
  • Quincey: Set!
  • Z:Where Are My Everything Left
  • Adam: See "No Dogs"
  • Annie: go!
  • Piglet:Pooh Run!
  • Owl:Silly
  • Sassy: Hey
  • Wallace: No!!!!!
  • Gromit: *shocked*
  • Piglet: Look Out
  • Barry: (Falls Into A Tanner's House) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  • (Crash!)
  • Z:Yay! We Defeated a Barry B Benson
  • Barry:I Had A Loud Crash
  • Pooh:Sorry
  • Willie: That's It Barry!! You're Going to Jail in 6 Days!!!
  • Tigger:6 Days Left
  • Barry:Noo Not 6 Days
  • Wallace: On Me This How You Bye.

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