Barry Winslow

Barry Winslow is an employee at Mr. Grocery's Store. He works as a stocker in the store. His mentor is Moe Hackeysack. Barry also pulls supplies off the back of trucks when they come in for loads. Barry is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101.

About Him

Barry is a former bagger at Mr. Grocery's Store and is now a stocker. He is a perfectionist and known for being a "good guy." Barry does not talk much, but watches people intently to learn their quirks and ways. He tries his best to learn from Moe Hackeysack, even though Moe could really care less.

Barry is in his late teens. His family and personal life is unknown in the series.

Barry is liked by anyone he comes in contact with in the series. He has a questionable relationship with Moe Hackeysack on how he is treated, and what he actually does in the back room. Barry works with the vendor, Willy Limburger, whenever he comes to drop a load. They appear to work mutually.

High Points in the Series

In the episode That Looks Painful, Barry talks with Erin Rouse. When she asks Barry what he and Moe do in the backroom, Barry responds by saying he can not say because Moe said he would box him up and send him to Cincinnati.

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