Bart Simpson Throws a Tantrum is a fan-made episode of The Simpsons. It features characters from The Simpsons, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and Shining Time Station.


Bart and Marge are going to a video store which sells a lot of Thomas Videos and Shining Time Station Videos. Then, Bart sees a rare 1990 copy of James Learns a Lesson on VHS and tries to ask for it, but Marge says “NO!”, then Bart starts to sob out a loud tantrum, then Marge drags him out of the store, where he is put in his room. The next morning, Bart and his parents go to the same video store, and Bart sees Shining Time Station Bully for Mr. Conductor on VHS, and tries to get it, but his mom says "NO!" again, then Bart starts to sob out another tantrum. Then, Marge once again takes Bart out of the store and put him in his room at his house. Then, Lisa, his sister arrives and consoles him about his problem, and she scolds Marge for not listening to Bart’s questions. And Bart and Lisa get the 1990 James Learns a Lesson and Shining Time Station Bully for Mr. Conductor VHS tapes, and together, the whole family watches them.


  • Bart
  • Marge
  • Lisa
  • Schemer (short role)
  • Schemee (does not speak)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Percy (cameo)
  • James (short role)


  • Bart’s cries are the same pitch as Cartman’s cries from the South Park episode: “It's Christmas in Canada.”
  • In Bart’s room, a poster of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog can be seen.
  • Schemer is the owner of his video store.

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