Bartholomew "Bart" Ryder is the future son of Carol and Mortimer appearing in the 8 Siblings and A Middle Child episode: Carol and Mortimer's Wedding and the main protagonist of his own show The World of Bart Ryder. He has blond hair and blue eyes. His main outfit is composed of: a blue long sleeved shirt, black jeans and white sneakers. He is voiced by Scott Menville. At his age, he is 14 years old.


  • Carol Ryder (Future Mother)
  • Mortimer Reynolds (Future Father)
  • Abigail Reynolds (Grandmother)
  • Samson Reynolds (Grandfather)
  • Cynthia Ryder (Grandmother)
  • Peyton Ryder (Grandfather)
  • Adele Ryder (Aunt)
  • Kaya Ryder (Aunt)
  • Luca Ryder (Aunt)
  • Carrie Ryder (Aunt)
  • Joseph Ryder (Uncle)
  • Connor Ryder (Uncle)
  • Xavier Ryder (Uncle)
  • Ross Ryder (Uncle)
  • Alvin Ryder (10-year-old Brother)
  • Nelly McDonald (Love Interest)


  1. Being nice to Nelly
  2. Listening to his orders
  3. Going for pro


  1. Feeling homesick
  2. Ruining his life
  3. Doing bad atmospheres

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