Part 1:==

1. ARC Trooper as Commander Cody

2. ARF Trooper as Shock Trooper

3. Bomb Squad Trooper as Clone Trooper

4. Clone Trooper (Clone Wars) as Kashyyyk Trooper

5. Battle Droids

6. Commando Droids as Super battle Droid

7. Security Droids as Destroyer Droid

8. IG-88 as Grevious

Music: Battle of Endor Part 1


Commander arrives AT-TE


AT-TE crushes a Bomb Squad Trooper

Clone Trooper: Welcome to Base 438

ARC: Nice to meet you. Send to attention. The Separtist are attcking and we must defend ourselfs.

ARC: There here.

Battle Droid: Rodger Rodger. Drop your weapon.

V-19 Torrent Starfighter destroys Vulture Droids

IG-88: My army has lose.

ARC: Wait what's that.

Tank Droid comes in.

MTT blasts a AT-TE and V-19

ARC: All Forces fall back. We need reinforcements.

MTT sends in 2 Commando Droids

Bomb Squad Trooper: Take over.

Commando: Ah Oh.

Security Droid gets destryed

MTT sends in a Security Droid

Spider Droid gets destroyed

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