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This wikia is here to give you a basic knowledge of dragons. I hope you find it quite usefull and enjoyable.

Dragon Classification, Part I

Dragons are classified two ways: by species and by how friendly they are. I will delve into dragon species later in the wikia. For now, I will cover only basic classification.

Friendly Dragon

Friendly dragons, of course, are friendly. While no dragon is so friendly he will let just anyone so much as set a toe in his lair, some will let you enter if he deems you worthy. Once they get to know you, they will be very good friends.

Unfriendly Dragons

Unfriendly dragons do not like people and will either kill or flee from humans.

Dragon Populations

Dragons are currently on the DoSMC's (Department of Supposedly Mythical Creatures) Endangered Species List. There are approximately 8,184 dragons in exsistence today campared to 1,153,187 dragons in the year 2000. This rapid declination in dragon population is due to many different causes.

Habitat Destruction

The second largest contributor to the drop in dragons is the destruction of their homes. The DoSMC estimates five hundred caves and three hundred old buildings (a favorite lair for French dragons), and two hundred other lairs are destroyed a month to make room for mines, homes, factories, and others. If this continues, future generations of dragons will have nowhere to live unless the humans are gone. The DoSMC is trying to press mining companies to restore the caves to what they were before, and to stop tearing down old buildings.

Poaching and Slaying

Poachers all over the world are realizing dragons are not myths. Because of this, many of them now have a new target: dragons. One dragon tooth could sell for as little as $1,000,000. Since before medieval times, knights have been slaying dragons. Now, many new types of people are joining in, with many new types of weapons. The DoSMC is doing their best to protect dragons from these people by teaching all the friendly dragons effective methods of disabling them.


Yes, dragons themselves are part of the reason they are dying. In recent years, dragon disputes and wars have skyrocketted. Nobody is quite sure what these disputes are being fought over, and nobody is sure what to do about it, but, for the sake of information, I must let you know about it.

Dragon Classification, Part II

There are three types of dragons. European, French, and Asian.




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