The basics of the game are simple:

The player signs up for an account and may start to play immediately. Newcomers are given 250 Mars Dollars to start. Newcomers sustain themselves by mining volcanoes and ruins to find Mars Dollars and upgrade themselves by purchasing upgrades at outposts.

All newcomers are assigned to a random coordinate on the game map by a homestead. Unless they purchase extra moves or Premium Memberships at the purchases page, they are limited to 250 moves per day.

Mars Dollars are the game's currency of monetary value. The game basically revolves around Mars Dollars. When a certain amount of Mars Dollars is reached the player may exchange obtained Mars Dollars for at least $20 USD to PayPal or Personal Cheque. These rules are covered under Payouts.

Once the player has upgraded one or more of their stats more features of the game become available. They may scout and attack other players, and they may defend themselves from being attacked and scouted on. Successful attacks result in a winning a variable amount of Mars Dollars, limited by what the victim has, and failed attacks result in Mars Dollars lost to the target.

Settlements are scattered around the world map. The more settlements the player governs or joins, the better mining bonuses the player gets. Players can govern, join, scout, and attack the settlements.

Players may join Alliances. Alliances give a mining bonus to the player, and they may chat amongst themselves on a private forum or by other means. For every settlement a member of the alliance governs, the better chance of finding motherlodes increases.

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