The Crossver of Finding Nemo


  • Basil, Dawson & Olivia may get captured with Nemo.
  • Ratigan & Fidget may work on Gill.
  • Fidget eats up Coral.
  • Olivia & Flaversham lives with Marlin & Coral in the Begining.
  • Marlin looks for Coral after Dawson is Narrates.


Albert Brooks ...  Marlin (voice) 
Ellen DeGeneres ...  Dory (voice) 
Alexander Gould ...  Nemo (voice) 
Willam Dafoe ...  Gill (voice) 
Brad Garrett ...  Bloat (voice) 
Allison Janney ...  Peach (voice) 
Austin Pendleton ...  Gurgle (voice) 
Stephen Root ...  Bubbles (voice) 
Vicki Lewis ...  Deb / Flo (voice) 
Joe Ranft ...  Jacques (voice) 
Geoffrey Rush ...  Nigel (voice) 
Andrew Stanton ...  Crush (voice) 
Elizabeth Perkins ...  Coral (voice) 
Nicholas Bird ...  Squirt (voice) 
Bob Peterson ...  Mr. Ray / Yogi Bear / Atom Ant (voice) 
Barry Humphries ...  Bruce / Quick Draw McGraw / Squiddly diddly (voice) 
Eric Bana ...  Anchor (voice) 
Bruce Spence ...  Chum (voice) 
Bill Hunter ...  Dentist / Buck the Horse (voice) 
LuLu Ebeling ...  Darla (voice) 
Jordan Ranft ...  Tad / Boo-Boo Bear / Timothy Q. Mouse (voice) 
Erica Beck ...  Pearl / Cindy Bear (voice) 
Erik Per Sullivan ...  Sheldon (voice) 
John Ratzenberger ...  Fish School (voice)  
Vincent Price  ...  Professor Ratigan (voice)  
Barrie Ingham  ...  Basil of Baker Street / Bartholomew (voice)  
Val Bettin  ...  Dr. David Q. Dawson (voice)  
Susanne Pollatschek  ...  Olivia Flaversham (voice)  
Candy Candido  ...  Fidget (voice)  
Diana Chesney  ...  Mrs. Judson (voice)  
Eve Brenner  ...  The Mouse Queen (voice)  
Alan Young  ...  Hiram Flaversham (voice) 
Matthew Broderick  ...  Adult Simba (voice)  
Nathan Lane  ...  Timon (voice)  
Ernie Sabella  ...  Pumbaa (voice)  
Moira Kelly  ...  Adult Nala (voice)  
Cliff Edwards ...  Jiminy Cricket / Jim Crow (voice)
John Candy  ...  Wilbur (voice)  


  • The Hanna-barbra Charecters may work on the Moon fish
  • Buck may Work on Mr Ray


Basil, Simba, Jiminy, Wilbur & their friends traveled to antarca to Meet Marlin. There was a Mystery to Solve for Nemo.


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