"Sun Do Shine" by Glen Campbell
"We Hate the Sun" by Christopher Plummer
"Come Back to You" by Glen Campbell
"Rock-a-Doodle" by Glen Campbell
"Bouncers" Theme Song by The Don Bluth Players
"Tweedle te Dee" by Christopher Plummer
"Treasure Hunting Fever" by Glen Campbell
"Sink or Swim" by Ellen Greene
"Kiss 'n Coo" by Glen Campbell & Ellen Greene
"Back to the Country" by Glen Campbell
"The Owls Picnic" by Christopher Plummer
"Sun Do Shine" (Reprise) by Glen Campbell
"Finle: Rescuers down under"


 Phil Harris  ...  Narrator / Patou (voice)  
 Glen Campbell  ...  Chanticleer / The King (voice)  
 Barrie Ingham  ...  Basil of Baker Street / Bartholomew / Snipes (voice) 
 Kathryn Holcomb  ...  Dory - Mother  
 Toby Scott Ganger  ...  Edmond  
 Stan Ivar  ...  Frank - Dad  
 Christian Hoff  ...  Scott - Edmond's Brother  
 Jason Marin  ...  Mark - Edmond's Brother  
 Christopher Plummer  ...  Grand Duke (voice)  
 Sandy Duncan  ...  Peepers (voice)  
 Will Ryan  ...  Stuey (voice)  
 Val Bettin  ...  Dr. David Q. Dawson (voice)  
 Charles Nelson Reilly  ...  Hunch - Duke's Nephew (voice) (as Charles Nelson-Reilly)  
 Vincent Price  ...  Professor Ratigan (voice)  
 Candy Candido  ...  Fidget (voice)  
 Susanne Pollatschek  ...  Olivia Flaversham (voice)  
 Ellen Greene  ...  Goldie (voice)  
 Sorrell Booke  ...  Pinky - The Manager (voice)
 Alan Young  ...  Hiram Flaversham (voice)

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