Basil Forysythe born in 1792 to a poor familiy. In 1801 his family was killed in a fire. He was out playing and did not get hurt. After the horrid fire he was adopted by the childless couple which his mother turned out to be niece of wealthy brewer Arthur Guinness. At age 18 his parents sent him to University of St. Andrews in Fife. At University he became active in the Unity Movement. The Unity movement work for equal rights for all protestants in the Britian.After college he became a professer of history. In 1824 he married the Daughter of the Marquess of Londonderry, Lady Ashley Stewart who became Mrs. Ashely Forsythe. In 1826 he began working in the British Goverment in the Foreign Office. In 1830 he shortly worked as advisor to Sir George Shee the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. In 1831 he went back to the Forgien Office and worked as an Advisor to the Ambassdor to Spain. In 1837 he had Parilmentry ambitions and returned to Britian to run for Parliment. In 1838 He founded the Unionist Party which he is chairman of. He plans to run for MP for Antrim constituency.

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