• Thomas as Sora
  • Percy as Riku
  • Edward as Mickey Mouse
  • Billy as Donald Duck
  • Duck as Goofy
  • Trevor as Jiminy Cricket
  • Bash as Chip
  • Dash as Dale


  • Trevor: How're we gonna find out who he is?
  • Billy: What if he's Sodor Diesel Member XIII?
  • Edward: Don't worry. Thomas will catch him. Then we'll know for sure.
  • Billy: Who's there?
  • Duck: Bash and Dash musta come back to rescue us!
  • Edward: You're here!?
  • Thomas: That voice... Edward? Is that you? I was just... following that guy, and...
  • Trevor: Majesty! There, on the monitor!
  • Thomas, Trevor, Edward, Billy, and Duck: Percy!?
  • Percy: Sorry. Not quite. Much like Thomas there, I'm just zeroes and ones that look like somebody you know. Memories used to fill Trevor's journal- but when they were pulled apart and then stitched back together, bugs appeared. It was these bugs... that kept the book from being completely restored. Of all the possible vessels to protect the data, I was chosen from the journal's pages. The full set of memories was transferred inside of me to shield them from corruption. So, in a way...what I really am is Trevor's journal.
  • Trevor: You're my journal?
  • Percy: I took the liberty of importing all of you to help solve the mystery of this entry.
  • Billy: "Imported?" Where?
  • Percy: You really haven't notice? All right...
  • Edward: Datascape? We're in the journal?!
  • Bash: Your Majesty! Your Majesty!
  • Dash: If you can hear us, please say something!
  • Edward: Bash? Dash? (Bash? Dash?)
  • Dash We finally got through!
  • Bash: The room was empty when we came back, and we've been searching the data for you ever since!
  • Duck: Well if Thomas' here with us, and Bash and Dash are out there lookin' in, then...
  • Edward: Then we really are inside the datascape, just like Percy said. Maybe you can tell us-is there any way for us to get back home?
  • Dash: Oh no!
  • Bash: Someone's trying to break into the data from the outside!
  • Percy: A hacker! If that's ture, then there won't any way out for you.
  • Dash: You have to escape before-
  • Edward: Bash? Dash!
  • Percy: No luck. The link from here to the real world has been totally cut.
  • Billy: How 'bout some good news?
  • Percy: If we repair the link, a new pathway should open. Of course, that's if these bugs weren't around.
  • Thomas: I don't understand it all, but... basically this means you guys can't get home, right? Okay. I'll go bash the bugs for you.
  • Billy: You will!?
  • Duck: That's swell!
  • Edward: Thomas. That's another one we owe ya.
  • Thomas: Who says we're keeping score? We're all friends, right? Right. See you.

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