Bassie & Adriaan Visit Disney Land Paris is a 1996 VHS released by Code 82 Entertainment.


  1. 1989 El TV Kadsre Warning And Video Title Card
  2. 1987 El TV Kadsre Home Video Logo (Leading Into Code 82 Entertainment Logo)
  3. Now Avalible From El TV Kadsre (1994)
  4. Bassie And Adriann Promo
  5. Code 82 Presents Ultra Art Gallary
  6. Coming Soon From El TV Kadsre
  7. Peanuts 2 VHS Promo
  8. Stay Tuned After The Feature For More Great Previews
  9. Feature Presentation
  10. Code 82 Entertainment (1987-2008)
  11. Bridge Pictures Logo
  12. DTV Logo
  13. Intro

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