A batch file is a program that uses DOS to execute its command. It can only be run in Windows or DOS. The intrest in DOS programin was sparked when Michael introduced a batch file designed to send messages throught a network, shuch as a computer class. Now, there are only two batch programers (Mike and Kenny Smiley) but several batch files havine been created and are in development, including the dreaded "Format C:\" virus (see below).

Format C:\ Virus

While not technicaly a virus, the Format C:\ virus is a program designed by Mike to format a drive without prompt. Constisting of three files, the Format C:\vfirus must be run from the launch.bat to work.


This program was created by Mike, to be used in a computer class to message another person. The program ingeniousy sets people's name to thier Id number, making it much eaiser to message people. The program also allows you to set your name and has a password protection, incase any teacher comes across it.


Possibly the most useless program, the Rock-Paper-Scissors program allow the user to play agnist a friend or the computer in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. This program was created by Kenny as his first batch file.

Overload Virus

A virus inspired by Zack and implemented by Kenny. This program is designed to overload your RAM and bluescreen your computer in about 10 minutes (for a nice computer). This virus simply opens its self over and over, creating a RAM overload. If the user does not react withing a minute, the computer is too consumed to be responcive, and the virus will run its cource.

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