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Cassandra Cain 2

Affiliation: N/A
Previous Affiliation: Titans East, League of Assassins, Bat Family
Name: Batgirl (III)
Identity Status: Confidential
Aliases: Cassandra Cain, One Who is All
Previous Aliases: Kasumi
Current Base of Operations:
- N/A
Previous Base of Operations:
- Titans East Tower, East River, New York
- Sub-Batcave, Fort Joseph District, Peer Gynt Boulevard, Bludhaven (In-Operative)
- Sub-Batcave, Gotham City
- Clocktower, Old Gotham District, Gotham City (In-Operative)
Occupation: Vigilante

Cassandra Cain 4

Utility Belt
Batgirl Costume



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