Bathurst is a fictional city very similiar to the legend in The Oscar Show. It is said to be "hidden in the hills".


The legend says that Bathurst is a city on an exotic island with the power of vanishing after sunset (this is followed in the Cathedral School Goes Crazy with Oscar Nicholls credits). It is divided into nine main tribes: Kelso, the home of combined Super Cheap Auto (an automobile store), Subway (restraunt) and Curves (a bedding store) and the Trinity Heights shopping centre; Eglinton, the home of the Eglinton Store, West Bathurst; the home of Ralph Nicholls' preschool and the Westpoint shopping centre; the main self-named tribe, home to the three major shopping centres and most of the street stores; Llanath, Oscar Nicholls', Ralph Nicholls' and Elizabeth Nicholls' home tribe; South Bathurst, north of a racing mountain, Panorama; Rose Hill; Windradyne, home to the McEwen house and Abercrombie, home to the Cooke house.



Bathurst was originally home to the Wiradjurites, until G.W Evans conquered it in c. 86 BFA (see Timeline on Network Oscar). In c. 88 BFA, it was built. The remaining Wiradjurites founded the tribe in which the McEwen house reside. In c. 87 BFA, the city was on the east bank of the river. In the present, this area is known as the tribe Kelso. In c. 49 BFA, the gold was discovered. A short time after this, an Eddy's pub was built.

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