• Batman as Kermit
  • Robin as Robin the Frog
  • Commissioner James Gordon as Sam the Eagle
  • Batgirl as Janice
  • Detective Harvey Bullock as Dr. Teeth
  • Terry McGinnis as Scooter
  • Officer Renee Montoya as Wanda
  • Mayor Hamilton Hill as Pops
  • Jonah Hex as Wayne
  • Zatanna as Annie Sue


  • The Joker as Fozzie Bear
  • Penguin as Bobo the Bear
  • Catwoman as Miss Piggy
  • Riddler as Lew Zealand
  • Mr. Freeze as Zoot
  • Harvey Dent as Crazy Harry
  • Poison Ivy as Spamela Hamderson
  • Harley Quinn as Miss Mousey
  • The Scarecrow as Floyd Pepper
  • Killer Croc as Animal
  • Clayface as Gonzo
  • Ra's al Ghul as Statler
  • Baby Doll as Waldorf

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