Battle Skipper is a Japanese direct-to-video Animated series based on the small toy mecha action figures by Tomy. The Series was released in the US by Central Park Media, Miramax Films, Paramount Films and New Line Cinemas.


The OVA focuses mostly on the Girls of St Ignacio's School for Girls than the mecha itself. There are two clubs: The Debutante Club, where admission is said to lead to ultimate succes; or The Etiquette Club, which is said to teach the values of common courtesy in the world.

Three Freshmen join the Etiquette Club rather than the popular Debutante Club and soon discover its founding members are part of a secret task force called Exters (ExStars in the dubbed version). The battles are not only for School hierarchy, but to save the world.


  • Episode 1: The Lightning is Mine to Command!
  • Episode 2: Across the Waves
  • Episode 3: A Heartache Tonight
  • Episode 4: A Woman is a Sometime Thing
  • Episode 5: That Sweet and Lowdown 
  • Episode 6: Nice Work If You Can Get It
  • Episode 7: Tap Your Troubles Away
  • Episode 8: Revenge Will Be Mine!
  • Episode 9: Blast Those ExStars!
  • Episode 10: The Super-Radical One-Night Show

Main Characters

  • Reika Ayanokouji

Reika Ayanokouji is the President of the Etiquette Club and heiress of Uruyasu Heavy Industries. Reika is soft-spoken and always protective of the secrets of the Battle Skippers, fearing they might fall into evil hands. Reika is a blood relative of her spoiled rival Sayaka Kitaouji.

  • Rie Shibusawa

Rie Shibusawa is the Vice-President of the Etiquette Club. Rie is usually brash, hot-headed and unpredictable, a foil for Reika's cool head. Rie is equally strong on the battlefield as Reika and is ever loyal to her and her family. Rie has an extreme hatred for the Debutante Club and is a struggling student at St. Ignacio's.

  • Saori Tachibana

Saori Tachibana is a Freshman at St. Ignacio's who originally wanted to join the Debutante Club, but was coaxed by Shihoko to join Etiquette Club instead. Saori was made to mimic Sailor Moon's hairstyle, but all similarity ends there.

  • Shihoko Sakaki

Shihoko Sakaki is a Freshman at St. Ignacio's and Saori's childhood friend. After seeing Rie's failed speech of asking people to join the Etiquette Club, Shikoko decides to join. Shikoko may be shy and frail, but she never gives up.

  • Kanami Ezaki

Kanami Ezaki is a Meganekko and Freshman at St. Ignacio's who joined the Etiquette for her detestment of Sayaka Kitaouji and the Debutante Club. Kanami is one of the smartest Girls in Japan and secretly one of the strongest, in which Reika and Rie already know. Kanami quickly became close friends with Saori and Shihoko on her first day.

  • Kaufman Ryskind

Kaufman Ryskind is a Wise-cracking Tutor at St. Ignacio's.

  • Rodgers Hart

Rodgers Hart is a Witty Tutor at St. Ignacio's.

  • Arlen Harburg

Arlen Harburg is a Clumsy Tutor at St. Ignacio's.

  • Irving Gershwin

Irving Gershwin is the Co-Presidnet of the Etiquette Club.

  • Kern Hammerstein

Kern Hammerstein is the Co-President of the Etiquette Club. Just like Rie, KErn is usually brash, hot-headed and unpredictable, also a foil for Irving's cool head.

  • Sayaka Kitaouji

Sayaka Kitaouji is the President of the Debutante Club, heiress of Makuhari Heavy Industries and the main antagonist of the series. Sayaka wants a Japan ruled by women as powerful as her to dominate the world. Most of the income for St. Ignacio's is funded by Makuhari Industries and because of this, Sayaka and the Debutante Club feel like they can get away with everything at School. However, Sayaka's plan to eliminate the Etiquette Club backfire on her as her mother funded the Etiquette Club in order to teach Sayaka respect and courtesy towards others.

  •  Todou

Todou is Sayaka's personal assistant and whipping boy. He is a Bishōnen who would do anything for Sayaka, since she has a crush on her. On the battlefield, Todou is equally cunning and ruthless in his goals to crush the Exters and securing Makuhari as the only sole survivor of the Mechanical Industry war.

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